Association AdVita
Helping cancer and burn patients get access to the most effective treatment available
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About us
Charitable organization Association AdVita was founded in Germany in September 2018, registration No. VR 37148 B. Our aim is to support patients of Rаissa Gorbacheva Institute for Pediatric Oncology in St. Petersburg and Pediatric Burn Center at Speransky Hospital, Moscow.

We are a sister organization to AdVita fund in St. Petersburg and Speransky Fund in Moscow, Russia.
AdVita fund
AdVita fund works with seven cancer hospitals in St. Petersburg area and supports hundreds of cancer patients and their families from Russia and the former Soviet Union with stem cell transplants from foreign bone marrow registries. AdVita fund supports purchases of medications and medical supplies, lodging and other treatment-related expenses.
Speransky Fund
Speransky Fund gives support to Russia's biggest pediatric Burn Center at Speransky Hospital, Moscow. This organization provides medical equipment and materials. It supports medical and psycho-social rehabilitation of severely burned children.
Where the Money Goes
Cancer Program: Your donations help to pay for bone marrow donor searches in registries around the world, medical treatment, medications, help to affected families.

In the modern world, cancer is no longer a death sentence. Up to 80% of patients can be healed. However, the treatment requires advanced medications and latest methods of testing and therapy. In Russia treatment of cancer is covered by Health Care Insurance and Government high-tech medical program.

Unfortunately, the underfunding of modern cancer treatment in Russian hospitals leads to a constant shortage of the most necessary medicines and consumables for equipment, not to mention innovative drugs. If the patients have no money to pay for the treatment, they turn to charity organizations.

The goal of Association AdVita is to help bring this costly treatment to as many patients as possible. We want to make sure that our patients' lives depend not on their financial situation, but on progress of modern medicine. Your donations help us to buy costly medications and pay for bone marrow donor searches in the international registry.
Burn Program: Your donations help to pay for modern medical materials and equipment, psycho-social rehabilitation of burned children and their families.

Burns are a very dangerous type of trauma. In Russia burns occur on average four times more often than in Western Europe.

Health Care Insurance in Russia covers basic burn treatment, but not expensive dressings and materials for post-burn rehabilitation. Scars not only reduce the functionality of the body, but also disfigure appearance of burn victims.

After the trauma and often loosing family members, psycho-social support is vital for rehabilitation of burn victims, first at the Burns Unit and then after the discharge from the hospital.

Association AdVita is raising funds to purchase modern dressings and pressure garments reducing growth of post-burn scars. Donated funds also help to organize burned children's camps and clubs.

Association AdVita