Children's Burn Camp
On July 22, a children's camp for patients of the Children's Burn Center of Speransky Hospital started in the village of Grishkino, Tver Region. Children's burn camps and clubs developed by our specialists with the participation of the European Burn Association are necessary for the recovery and socialization of children who have suffered severe burn injuries. This year 40 children went to the camp. The work of the teacher, the organizer of the burn camp, was paid for from donations from our sponsors.
Emergency purchase of expensive medicine
Thanks to a large donation of one of our sponsors, an expensive antiviral drug, Foskavir, was purchased for the Intensive Care Department of the Raisa Gorbacheva Clinic in St. Petersburg.

Foskavir is a resuscitation drug, one of those that are always required urgently when, after chemotherapy or bone marrow transplantation, a viral infection that is not sensitive to other drugs registered in Russia (acyclovir, ganciclovir) develops rapidly. The availability of the drug in the clinic determines whether doctors can cope with the complications.

We really appreciate the help in purchasing this medicine!
Help continues
We thank our faithful supporter Ms. Judith Hinze for another generous donation to the burn program. With this money we will pay for several months of work of a social pedagogue. Thanks to the support of Mrs. Hinze, a summer burn camp for 40 former patients of the Speransky Burn Center will be organized in Tver Region this July. We will keep you informed.
Trip to Moscow to support Burn program
Our director Mikhail Kazbekov has visited Moscow on behalf of our aid program to the Speransky Children's Burn Center. Burns always happen unexpectedly, causing pain and fear, especially because they are often connected to the loss of relatives or appearance changes. Therefore the participation of psychologists and play specialists is vital for children's rehabilitation in addition to medical care.
Thank to your help and especially to the help of Dr. Judith Hinze, the work of a specially educated play therapist in the Burns Unit will continue. Children, who are discharged from the hospital will also be able to go to the Summer Burns Camp.

Thank you for your valuable support!
We are happy to announce wonderful news!
Right after the launch of our website we started to receive various donations, including recurrent contributions to our cancer program. Thank you very much for your trust and help! Our special thanks goes to Dr. Judith Hinze, who has already supported our burns program more than once. Her extremely generous donation will enable several months of work for a social pedagogue of the Speransky Children's Hospital Fund both in the Burns Unit of Speransky Hospital and in camps and clubs for discharged children. We want to congratulate and thank all our new friends and helpers! Your donations will be reflected in our financial report.